Live On!

Before I continue the blog challenge; I wanted to give insight into the inspiration behind it.

We all go through storms and challenges in our lives. Sometimes those storms can knock us off our feet and the world seems upside down.

One day while I was walking on the beach in Cape Town on holiday;I saw a board on the beach sands,LIVE ON. It wasn’t just any day. It was my birthday. I was one year older. I was alive for a reason. Those words have been etched in my brain and heart eversince that day! It’s like this voice inside told me to stand up again! When we go through hardships, the world around us continues. We can either be a spectator watching life go on without us or we can wake up and live in today, live in the present, be an active participator in co – creating the story of life adding our unique touch to the world.

I stand on these words! Friend maybe you need to hear the words “live on” today! My journey ahead on this blog is about a life based on LIVE ON!


Surprise me Morning

This is me! I am Celeste Honeywill. I am 28 years old. I moved to Johannesburg from Welkom 4 years ago. I am single and I stay in a bachelor flat. I am a social worker at a children’s home and I love my job. But I was tired of waking up to the same ritual daily. I was surrounded by bad news and people speaking negatively around me. My speech was filled with tiredness, sickness, dissapointment, sadness and I felt that I was stuck in a rut. My heart yearned to travel the world but my finances did not match this dream. I realized that I don’t need to change destinations. I need to change my perspective and the position of my heart. I realised on Table Mountain, while visiting Cape Town on holiday a few weeks ago;if I can’t appreciate the beauty of the present moment, then I will constantly move around yearning for more and seeking better.

I decided to create a blog and challenge myself to try something new everyday, to create opportunities for me to change my perspective, to get a Table Mountain view of my city, Jhb. It’s day 1 of my blog challenge to myself. I created a jar that contains different activities and the guarantee that my morning can never be mundane, fixed, the same! I have started a new lifestyle that will break routine and structure. Each day I reach into the jar and am surprised by what the morning holds for me. I wake up earlier to allow myself a chance to carry out the activity before I go to work. The aim of this is merely to live in the present, pause in that moment, seek out the beauty of what is in my life presently and take in what surrounds me. I have created three different types of activities to do in the morning called DIY




I am responsible for my own happiness. My own life is going to move forward according to DIY(do it yourself)

Guess what the surprise was today! Today the do challenge was running 3km at a sports club. My Inspire moment was to read a scripture. And my yearn for knowledge challenge was to learn about an athlete.

I woke up at 5.30am. This is very early for me! I normally wake up at 6.30 and leave for work at 7.30. I woke up to a misty cold morning with my stomach not feeling a hundred percent. I rolled over, pulled the sheets over my head and went back to sleep. But my heart made a decision to change and change my perspective of life. So I dragged my body out of bed. I had strawberries, blue berries and yogurt for breakfast. I changed into to my athletic clothes. I read a scripture: Philippians 3:12-14 my own summary is the following: I do not consider myself yet to have obtained my goal, but I press on to take hold of that which Christ has taken hold of for me. I forget what is behind and strain on towards what lies ahead. From this scripture I am not just encouraged to change my perspective of life but I am encouraged to stop looking back on the past, set new goals and change my perspective to an upwards heavenwards perspective. I read up on Google about Tom Denniss who ran around the world in 622 days and covered 26 326 kms. He speaks about that he was motivated by a goal of raising money for charity. He enjoyed running because it built his strength and endurance. He constantly had to fight the voice in his head that told him to stop, that told him he can’t do it. He redefined limitations in his own life. He learnt to conquer his own mind which was his biggest opponent.

Before I started my do challenge of running 3kms, I was inspired to set goals for myself, to overcome the voices in my own head that told me to go back to bed. My run started with some stretches. I could barely see in front of me because of the midst. My stomach was growling. I had never run this early in the morning before. I was not able to appreciate the beauty of the field around me while I was running this morning but I was able to appreciate the beauty of the human body, the beauty of the opportunity to build resilience in myself, to overcome the voices in my head. I definitely had a Table Mountain view of my morning as opposed to the usual perspective of waking up from my bed and heading off for work. I am determined to run a 21km race. I am inspired by a new goal from today’s do activity. I was red in my face and exhausted from just a small distance but it is a start to something new and beautiful! I arrived at work on time ready for the other important responsibilities that remain important to me. Instead of walking through work’s doors this morning, I ran through with rejuvenated energy and motivation to pour into my wonderful work. Yes morning ritual, morning routine, I conquered you! #routinerebel

Join me in the journey, try it! #routinerebelrevolution

The Journey Begins fellow Routine Rebel

We are made for greatness! We are surrounded by greatness! We need to reposition ourselves to see the gold in us and around us! Everyday is a gift! We are not created to live in the same routine doing the same everyday. Woken by an alarm, do the same at work, do chores, make dinner, go to bed! Noo! I am a routine rebel! Join me on the journey of embracing each day in a new way by just changing our attitude and position towards life! No matter where we are, no matter our status, no matter how old we are; we are made to live abundant full lives! #routinerebel